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Yardmax 2-Stage Snow Blower 22 in

The Yardmax 2-Stage Snow Blower 22 in is a basic snow blower that will meet the needs of most consumers with a smaller driveway and limited amounts of snow. It is only 22 inches wide making it easy to store in cramped garages or small sheds. It does not come with features that some of the larger  machines come with such as a light for night time work,  steering controls and electric starter. The handles are not insulated and they are also not heated. this is a basic snow blower that comes with a relatively low price as well. Buyers should be aware that because of federal laws this machine cannot be returned for any reason.


The Yardmax 2-Stage Snow Blower 22 in comes with a manual chute control crank which is easy to operate, clears a 22 inch wide path and has five forward gears to adjust to a variety of snow conditions from light snow clearing to heavy conditions. Since it is a smaller machine, allow more time for clearing driveways and walkways.


  • 5 forward / 1 reverse speeds
  • 22″ clearing width
  • Manual chute control
  • Large wheels provide traction
  • Electric Starter / Manual Start
  • Carb Compliant


  • Drive type: 2 stage belt disc driven
  • Engine: Gas
  • Stage: Two Stage
  • Max power: 6 HP
  • Rated speed: Multiple speed
  • Auger: Steel serrated auger
  • Impeller: High speed with extended chute
  • Folding Handles: NA
  • Padded Handles:NA
  • Heated Handles:NA
  • Electric Start: NA
  • Single Hand Direction Control: NA
  • Clearing width: 22 inches
  • Intake Height: NA
  • Weight: 125 pounds
  • Fuel: Gas
  • Light: NA

Customer Review Summary

The Yardmax 2-Stage Snow Blower 22 in has a total of 62 reviews at the time of preparing this overview, with an average rating of 4.2 out of five. 53 reviews were 4 or better with 9 rated three and 9 rated below three.

Negative reviews tended to indicate that the product was cheaply made and customers had problems from the time it arrived. From not starting to damage in transit to poor customer service. Assembly was difficult for people who had do it yourself skills.

Positive reviews indicated that it was a great product for the price, assembly was easy and straight forward and the machine worked as advertised. Although it did not have a great deal of features, the price was right and it did the job for these customers. It should be noted that this is a small machine. Consumers with large driveways or lots of snow to clear may want a larger more powerful machine to make the job of clearing snow easier and quicker.

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