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Yard Machines MTD 31AH54TG500 2 Stage 28-Inch Snow Thrower

Yard Machines MTD 31AH54TG500 2 Stage 28-Inch Snow ThrowerDescription: The Yard Machines MTD 31AH54TG500 2 Stage 28-Inch Snow Thrower is a new machine offered for sale. There are no reviews as of yet. It is a 28 inch wide machine which is a middle of the width machine. It has 4 way chute control. This snow blower also is steerable with the click of a trigger. It also comes with a chute that will not rust. Electric start is also included. This machine has lots of features that may appeal to the average consumer. However all of these things need to be maintained and kept operational to ensure you can use it on those heavy snow days.


  • 6 forward / 2 reverse speeds
  • 28″ clearing width
  • 4 way chute control
  • Large wheels provide traction
  • Steering Control
  • Powered light
  • Electric Starter / Manual Start


  • Drive type: Direct Disc type
  • Engine: n/a
  • Stage: Two Stage
  • Max power: n/a
  • Rated speed: 6 forward
  • Auger: n/a
  • Impeller: n/a
  • Folding Handles: n/a
  • Padded Handles: n/a
  • Heated Handles: yes
  • Electric Start: Yes
  • Single Hand Direction Control: yes
  • Clearing width: 28 inch
  • Intake Height: 21 inch
  • Weight: 116 kg
  • Fuel: regular gasoline
  • Light: yes

General Comments – Stage 28-Inch Snow Thrower

Having used an older machine for many years there are a couple of features that really appeal to the writer. One item is the heated handles. On really cold days with lots of snow to remove, your hands can become quite cold even with the warmest of mits. Heated handles would make it much more comfortable. Storage is an issue for me as well. I barely have enough room to get my car in beside the snow blower. Folding handles means it takes less room and is easier to store. Wish I had these two features.

Customer Review Summary

There were no reviews available at the time of preparing this review for the Yard Machines MTD 31AH54TG500 2 Stage 28-Inch Snow Thrower. If you have purchased this snow thrower please leave comments regarding your impressions of the machine and it’s suitability for consumers. We will update this post in a few months.

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