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Yard Machine Snow Thrower 62BD

The Yard Machine Snow Thrower 62BD is one of the low-end snow throwers that will meet most consumers needs for snow clearing. This snow thrower only has 1 Yard Machine Snow Thrower 62BDforward speed, so you need to match the snow clearing speed with the depth of snow by controlling the clutch and not the gear box as in other snow blowers. This may prematurely wear out the clutch on this machine if it is not always fully engaged.

It will handle up to 22 inches of snow clearing width and 21 inches of height, but you may have to stop forward motion if the machine is getting overloaded with deep snow.

Everything is manual on this machine. Manual start i.e. you pull the starter chord and the chute controls are also manual.  The handles fold down for storage purposes. Although this is a basic snow thrower, there are less things to break down on it and if you can deal with the manual start and chute controls , this snow thrower should handle most average consumer driveways and sidewalks. If you receive heavy snow you may want to consider a larger more robust snow thrower.

Yard Machine Snow Thrower 62BD – Specifications:

  • 179cc PowerMore™ OHV winterized engine
  • 22” clearing width and 21″ intake height
  • 1 forward speed
  • 12″ Serrated Augers
  • 12″ impeller
  • 13” x 4” Snow Hog tires

Engine: This Yard Machine Snow Thrower 62BD has a 179cc PowerMore™ OHV winterized engine

Transmission: This snow thrower has 1 forward speed

Warranty: This Yard Machine Snow Thrower 62BD comes with a 2 year limited warranty


  • Manual chute and crank
  • Manual start
  • Standard reversible slide shoes
  • Space saving, folding handles
  • Arctic tested high-impact 5” polymer chute: won’t rust, dent or crack!
  • Durable automotive style powder coated paint
  • Extra shear bolts included
  • Assembles in minutes


Most customers will have to arrange for delivery of their new snow blowers. They are far too big to take home in your car. You will need a trailer, rent a van or arrange for delivery by the store that you are purchasing the snow blower from. There will be a charge for this service. But it will be the easiest way to arrange for your new snow blower to be delivered to your home. Some stores will rent their vans/trucks to you for a very low price for 2 hours. You can take your purchases home. Lowes and Home Depot do this as well as others.


Most snow blowers can be purchased with tire chains to provide extra traction in icy situations. In addition, snow shields are also a good idea. They protect you from windy conditions and snow being blown back at you from the wind.

Safety & Operation

A snow blower is a powerful machine and should be treated with safety in mind. Carefully read all of the safety guidelines in the manual prior to operating the machine for the first time. Follow these guidelines to ensure that both you and the machine do not have an accident.

Prior to starting your snowblower the first time each day, perform a quick walk around check of the machine to ensure there are no loose parts and no leaking fluids. Check the engine oil to ensure that it is at the correct level as specified by the manual. Top up if necessary. Fill the fuel tank while the engine is cold and prior to using the machine. If you do spill fuel, wait until it has fully evaporated prior to starting the engine. Never spill fuel on a hot engine to avoid fires and always fill the fuel tank outdoors to avoid any possibility of vapors going into your house.

Finally never point the chute in the direction of people, buildings or cars to avoid any possible damage and accidents. Sometimes chunks of ice can be thrown at high-speed from the chute and if they hit something, it can cause a lot of damage.

Never work on your snow blower with the engine running

This seems like an obvious thing but people still do it and are hurt, sometimes badly, every year. Always turn it off before you do any maintenance, add fuel, check the oil, fix the chains on the tires, or clear the augers of snow.

Clearing Snow from the Augers – this is were lots of people are hurt every year. Before you try to clear snow that is plugging the augers, shut the engine off to avoid sudden turning of the augers or the impeller which could cause lots of damage to fingers, hands and arms.

Use Snow Clearing Tool

This is the really important part. You have plugged the augers with snow, you have shut the machine off and now you are trying to clear the snow away. Never place your hands inside the augers to get at the snow. Use a broom handle if you have an old machine, or the snow clearing tool that came with your newer machine to clear the snow. You can also purchase these tools from most stores as an extra if you break yours or if you have an older machine which does not have one. This is the safe way to clear snow from around the augers and the impeller.

Sometimes the snow is so compacted, that as you clear it away, it allows the augers to turn as a result of built up tension in the pulley mechanism. Better to have a broom handle stuck in there than your hands!

Most new snow blowers come with a snow clearing tool which you can use for this purpose. Always use this tool and never use your hands. If you have an older machine, an old broom handle will do the trick as well.


Like all snow blowers or snow throwers, maintenance is important for your machine to operate at a peak level for many years. Change the engine oil regularly, check the belts for tightness, change the spark plug as required and grease any spots outlined in the manual. If you need to leave the snow blower outside all year round, cover the machine with a proper cover to keep it looking new and avoid deterioration of the tires and metal components.

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3 Responses to “Yard Machine Snow Thrower 62BD”

  1. My language is french ,please if you wane answer in french,espanish ,portugais or italian !! La machine est une 62Bd Series ,je connais la place pour metre de l’essence ,le huile ,mais j’ai remarqué sur le cote en bas une entre pur ,le huile ???? dans le manuel ,pas de explications ni grafique ni especifique !!!alors ,je voudrais savoir a quoi serve le troisieme trou ???

  2. My manual states that I should remove the wheels and add grease OK but the wheels wouldn’t come off and the manual hasn’t got any info as to how or why what is a person to do in that case.

  3. Assuming the wheel is seized on the axle Try soaking the axle area with penetrating oil

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