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Tubeless Tire Conversion

Tubeless Tire ConversionWe discussed options for a tubeless tire repair in our last post. We wanted to spend a few more minutes discussing tubeless tire conversion. This is a viable option for older snow blowers with tubeless tires. It is an inexpensive way to repair the tire and you do not even have to take the tire and rim off the axle. This can be a problem for older snow blowers. We will outline a step-by-step approach to completing a tubeless tire conversion assuming that you cannot remove the tire and rim from the axle. If you have the rim off the axle, just ignore the appropriate steps.

Tubeless Tire Conversion – Step by Step

  • Place blocks under the snowblower to raise the wheel off the ground
  • Disconnect the spark plug wire to avoid accidental engine starts
  • Remove the existing valve using pliers to pull it out of the rim
  • Using several screwdrivers pry the outside edge of the tire off the rim
  • Reach inside and run your fingers along the inside of the tire to detect any sharp edges that could damage the new tube
  • Remove any sharp objects from inside the tire
  • Place the new tube inside the tire and position the valve in the rim
  • Begin blowing up the new tube
  • Massage the tire as you are adding air to ensure it properly seats onto the rim
  • Fill the tire with air to the recommended pressure

The tire is repaired inexpensively and without waiting for a mechanic.


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