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Tips for Selecting a Snow Blower to Meet Your Needs

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Winter is almost over at the time of writing this post, at least for people living in the Selecting a Snow Blowernorthern hemisphere. You may have decided that you have had enough of shoveling snow and are thinking of purchasing a snow blower for next season. Well this could be the right time to make your purchase since all dealers are desperately trying to get rid of their inventory and will cut really good deals if you are ready to lay down some cash. It might just make sense to make your purchase now rather than wait for the new models and higher prices.

Regardless of when you are planning to buy, we thought that these tips would help you when it comes time to making your selection. Also refer to our previous post , find the best snow blower for your money,  to help make your decision. Here are a few ideas about making your selection.

  • Lots of Snow
  • Narrow vs. Wider Blowers
  • Big Snow Clearing Areas really need Gas Machines
  • Focus on the Basics you need and add Bonus Features
  • How Much Physical Effort is Required

Selecting a Snow Blower

Lots of Snow

Click snowblowers for many different snowblowers sold on Amazon, shipped to your home,

If you receive a lot of snow every year with deep snow drifts, you really should consider a larger more powerful machine to use to clear the snow. deep drifts with heavy snow take a more power and small machines , electric powered machines cannot deal with this demand.

The larger machines are dual stage which means the augers break up the snow and then an impeller throws the snow out the chute. Single stage machines utilize the augers to throw the snow and a single stage machine cannot deal with lots of snow under these conditions.

Narrow vs. Wider Blowers

Large ares will take more time to clear. It just makes sense that if time is important or you do not want to be out in the cold any longer than you have to be, then a wider machine is the way to go. The width of snow blowers varies from 21 inches in width up to the really big machines for consumer use at 45 inches wide. A wide machine will take half the amount of time to clear the snow compared to a really small snow blower.

Remember that you have to store these machines when not in use. They really should be kept inside, which means you need space in your garage. Take this width requirement into account when you make your purchase. You might end up leaving your car outside so that you can put your snow blower inside!

Big Snow Clearing Areas really need Gas Machines

Electric machines are convenient. There is no gas to worry about. However you do have an electric chord which you have to drag around and avoid as well from being caught up in the augers. They are great for small areas, small driveways or the walkway in front of your home. However if you are dealing with something larger or just  do not want to be bothered with the chord, then a gas powered snow blower is the way to go!

Focus on the Basics you need and add Bonus Features

Once you have the basic decisions out of the way, you can look at bonus features. For example headlights, tire chains, electric starters and much more. The larger more expensive machines come with more features as standard as well and of course cost more too.

How Much Physical Effort is Required

This is a really important item. Most people try to manhandle their snow blower and it is tough work. They weigh as much as 300 pounds or even more and it is difficult to move these machines.

The right way is to let the machine do the work for you. It may take a bit longer, but why strain your muscles. You have  the controls at your finger tips to drive your machine and also to steer your snow blower. I usually drive with one hand and use the other hand to control the direction of the chute so that the snow goes in the right place. If I need to turn, you can easily do this with modern snow blowers by depressing the appropriate direction  controllers. Of course you can just manually swing the machine around. It is probably faster to do this. But it does take manual effort and some strength to move a 300 pound snow blower in a different direction.

Hopefully these tips will help readers make decisions about which snow blower to purchase, whether you are taking advantage of the sales in the spring or picking one up in the fall before the winter season begins.




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  1. this is a big help about selecting a snow blower, but since i am a women, i am just going to select a snow clearing service to clear my driveway of snow.

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