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Snowblower Spring Maintenance

Snow Blower Maintenance KitYou may not be thinking about doing snowblower spring maintenance in the spring, but this is actually a great time to get this task completed. One of the big advantages is that you drain all of the fuel out of the system before it has a chance to gum up the carb or the fuel lines and filters. This situation can cause your engine to he very difficult to restart in the fall. Another advantage is doing your lawn mower maintenance at the same time.

You can save time and also complete two jobs in a lot less time than if you tried to do them both separately. Grease the auger, oil the housing, check belts for tension and wear. Change the oil and complete any other repairs that may be needed. If you do this work now, your repairs can be completed while the weather is warm. Parts can be ordered and received in lots of time prior to the next season.

Snowblower Spring Maintenance

In summary, the following should be considered as part of your snowblower spring maintenance routine.

  • Change the oil
  • Grease the auger shaft
  • Oil the housing to prevent rust
  • Check the belts for proper tension and wear
  • Verify the tires are at the proper pressure
  • Drain all fuel from the system
  • Perform any maintenance that is needed



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