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Snowblower Electric Starter Repair

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snowblower electric starter repairThis component is a standard on many snowblower engines. If your snowblower electric starter needs to be repaired, you have several choices. You can attempt to repair the unit by trouble shooting to find out what is wrong or you can just replace the entire component. Home mechanics will find that it is very easy to remove the electric starter motor from the engine housing. There are usually 2 or 3 bolts that need to be unscrewed. Once it is removed you will want to make sure that the shaft moves freely and the sprocket moves out along the shaft easily. If not you need to lubricate this area to ensure that it does move freely. Next you need to make sure that the push button switch is actually making a connection and closing the circuit. Use a volt ohm meter to test it.

Snowblower Electric Starter Repair

If the wires are broken or corroded, and you cannot make the necessary repairs, the next step is to replace the entire module. You will find that these modules can be ordered on Amazon and shipped to your home.

You will need the make and model number of your snowblower to order the correct module. Once it arrives, install it on your snow blower engine following the sameĀ  process you used to remove it in reverse. Make notes if need to help ensure that the right connections are made.

Click snowblowers for many different snowblowers sold on Amazon, shipped to your home,

Trying to start some of the larger snow blower engines using the pull chord is almost impossible unless you have a perfectly tuned engine.

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