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snow removal servicesYou might wonder why we are posting an article for snow removal services in May when the snow is all but gone. Well, there is one single reason and that is to remind consumers who use snow removal services that they may be able to lock in rates for the coming year. If they are happy with their current provider, why not have a conversation now with them about next year’s winter snow removal? Perhaps you can lock in the rate at the same level or lower than what you currently have. This could be a savings opportunity for you.

Confidence About Snow Removal Services

While it may be possible to negotiate an excellent rate for the coming year for your snow removal services,  consumers should also be confident that the company will still be in business in the coming year. They will expect at least partial payment to secure the best rate. Consumers will want to ensure that there is no danger of them going out of business and taking your money with them.

You might provide them with a low down payment and pay the remainder prior to the start of the next snow removal season. A winning negotiation would be that you secure the same rate or lower as the current year and also not have to pay anything until the beginning of the next season. Perhaps 10% now to hold the rate and 45% at the beginning of the season and the remaining 45% on January 1st would be appropriate to avoid any danger of losing your full deposit.

Snow Removal Services to Consider

You may only need the snow to be removed from your driveway with the consumer removing the snow from the front steps. Some consumers will be willing to pay a little more and have the snow also removed from the front steps and any walkways around the house. This will incur an extra cost in addition to the driveway snow removal since it takes more time and may also involve a second crew that comes around to shovel the snow from the steps etc.

Check with neighbors and friends to obtain recommendations and to also compare prices. While the snow removal services prices are pretty standard. It is nice to know that you and your next-door neighbor are in fact paying the same price for similar sized driveways. Another advantage of using the same provider as your neighbor is that it gives you negotiating power when negotiating the rate. If you have a complaint, the snow removal services provider is well aware that customers talk and he will be sure to rectify your problem quickly to avoid word getting around that they provide less than great service.

Consumers can reduce their overall cost of snow removal if they take this approach. The worst that can happen is that you ask for a discount and they give you the same price as your neighbor or other contractors. Even if you save 10% on the cost, it is money in your pocket which can be used for other things. We can all use the money for other expenses no matter how well off we might be.


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