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Snow Plowing CompaniesSnow plowing companies come in all sizes and shapes. By this we mean that some are large organizations that provide snow clearing services all over the city that you live in while others might be small one person operations that only clear snow on the city block that you live on. One example that we know of was a gentleman who cleared snow for several of his neighbors every day during the winter. He was happy to do this for a reasonable price. Since he did not travel during the winter and was looking for something to do. He made enough money to pay for his snow blower. He replaced the one that he had for many years. This gentleman enjoyed getting outside and he enjoys the fresh air.

Types of Snow Plowing Companies

Some people will use a snow blower that is offloaded from a small truck as they travel from customer to customer. Their cost is low, they have minimal equipment and while they will have more customers than your neighbor, they will still be a small one-man operation as a rule.

Some companies use a truck with a blade on the front. You probably have seen them rushing around from house to house, driving into the driveway, dropping the blade and pulling the snow down the driveway. Once they have the snow off the driveway, they push the snow up into large snow banks that can get quite high on your lawn.

Other snow plowing companies use a tractor with a combination blade and snow blower. these machines often do the best job. The snow can be directed almost wherever it is needed and there is no huge snow bank on your front lawn. Both companies using this equipment can also have Teflon coated blades which will not mark your driveway. Anyone with interlocking brick on their driveways will appreciate this extra feature.

There are front mounted and rear mounted snow blowers on tractors. Both types work equally well. Front mounted snow blowers on tractors will also have a blade on the back to scrape snow and ice off the driveway down to the pavement. With all of this equipment, how does a consumer decide which company to choose from and what are some of the criteria?

Which type is better?

Aside from price, how often will they clear the snow from your driveway? How much snow must fall before they will come and clear your driveway? Do they use Teflon coated blades to protect your driveway? Do they return after the street snow plow operators have passed and left a large amount of snow in your driveway? All of the above types of equipment work equally well. It really depends on the commitment and care of the operator regarding the quality of the job. Some operators do a better job than others and references are probably better than others to weed out the bad operators. If this does happen to you, make sure you let the operator know as well as the owner of the company.

The last thing snow plowing companies want is to get a bad reputation because one of their operators is not doing a good job! They understand that in addition to neighbors talking, the internet is another powerful tool to leave comments and influence someones company reputation. Check for comments before you hire someone to make sure that the provide great service to all of their customers.


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