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Snow Plow CompanyMany snow plow companies switch to landscape work during the spring summer and fall. They use the shoulder months (Oct-Nov, Mar-April) for vacation time, equipment maintenance, and lining up new contracts for the coming season. This can be an opportunity for consumers to save some money if you use the same snow plow company for your landscape work and snow clearing. Landscaping can include a lot of different jobs. Everything from cutting the lawn, to trimming shrubs to actually redoing complete gardens. Using the same company might be an opportunity to reduce your overall cost. Also have someone you trust do the work. If you find that you have good service from one company why go to another. Stick with the company that meets your requirements and deal with the same people for all of the snow removal you need.

Snow Plow Company – landscaping

Most snow plow companies will use the same people all year round. They do this to maintain stability and to avoid having to hire and train new staff every year. If you are impressed with the people who are clearing the snow off your driveway, and you like the company, you may want to rehire them for the summer months. Basic things such as cutting the lawn, raking leaves, trimming shrubs, and planting new shrubs, etc are among the jobs a landscaping company will do. If you hire them to cut and trim the lawn and then add a small job here and there it may work for you. Especially if you pay in cash and the workers you are familiar with doing the work for you.

Even though you are using the same team of people, it is still important to specify exactly the services that you need delivering and have it in writing. This is the professional way to do business and avoids any conflict that might crop up later especially if you are relying on a verbal agreement instead of something that is written down on paper. Contracts can be written and they can be modified if needed. All it takes is people talking to each other and for both parties to agree on the terms.

Snow Plow Company – Early Contract

Another way to save some money is to negotiate your contract early in the season. The company knows that they have locked you in as a customer. They will have the cash you pay them to work with well in advance of the season. We suggest that customers only pay 10% initially and half of the remaining fee when the season begins. You can negotiate these payments with the final one coming due halfway through the season. This type of contract protects the homeowner from losing all of their money if the contractor ends up bankrupt etc.

Never pay 100% of the contract upfront for any work that you are having done. In fact for many contracts we hold back 10% after the work is completed for 30 days. This gives us time to make sure that the work is fully complete and meets the quality levels that we are looking for. It sends a message to the contractor that reinforces that they need to do a super job. If there are issues that they do not deal with, they risk losing 10% off the top of their profit. If you decide to take this approach it should be part of the contract. It must be well understood by both parties prior to the work beginning.

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