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Snow Clearing in Russia

Every once and a while we come across some unusual pictures of snow situations in Snow Clearing in Russiaother countries. We thought our readers might enjoy these pictures and perhaps appreciate just how easy we have it compared to these people. This one is Snow Clearing in Russia  and shows what they have to deal with in some areas of their country where they receive lots of snow.

This situation takes major snow clearing equipment to open the road, only to have it fill in again during the next snow storm. You wonder why they even bother to reopen the road with these kinds of conditions. This must be the only road into a town or perhaps between towns.

Can you imagine getting stuck in one of these snow canyons during a storm. You would have to come back in the spring to get your car when the snow melted and that is if the back hoe did not damage it when they were re-0pening the road. If there is any wind at all, the snow will fill in this road and this road will be impassable within a few minutes, Any driver would quickly get stuck in the snow even if you have a four wheel drive vehicle You never want to be caught in a snow canyon like this one. Amazing!

Snow Clearing in Russia – Open Roads

This is what the road looks like once it is open and the snow clearing equipment has completed their work for the most recent snow storm. With a little wind and some blowing snow this road will fill in again within a matter of minutes. I sure would not want to be stuck anywhere near this snow tunnel. This is actually a potentially very dangerous situation to be in if your were on this road. Anyone traveling in these conditions should travel with survival gear. Be prepared to be able to walk out if their vehicle were to get stuck in the snow. When you think about it, most people would have a difficult time just trying to climb out of this tunnel to the top. Your vehicle is stuck and you cannot even get out of this snow tunnel.

Send us Pictures

We really like adding these posts to our blog. They show what other people have to deal with in various parts of the world. These pictures are from Russia. However we expect that people living in the Canadian Rockies and in the US Rockies must have to deal with some of the same conditions.

We have heard of snow tunnels like this on North American roads. However have not yet seen any pictures that come close to these. We think they are out there, and if you have some, why not send them our way via comment. Perhaps in the Rocky Mountains of western Canada or in the north western part of the United States will have conditions like these. We also suspect that some railroads also have to face this kind of snow conditions. These conditions exist in the mountains or heading through valleys were the snow really fills in. Let us know.

The snow is actually quite dangerous if your car is on the road with these conditions and snow valleys in the road which is like a valley between the snowdrifts. Be very careful when you’re driving these kinds of roads. If you cannot see where you’re going, turn around and go back.

If you have pictures like these or know of situations in North America, please send us your pictures via comments on our blog and we will add them to our blog for readers to view.

Amazing snow conditions! For more unusual snow blower posts, click here.

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  1. Glad we do not have snow like that! We would need a huge snowblower

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