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Snow Clearing – Health Issues

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Snow Clearing - Health IssuesThe subject of your health and snow clearing is a really important subject. Every year many men have a heart attack while they are shoveling snow and even die because they thought they could shovel show without any repercussions.

Unless you are very fit and exercise on a regular basis, you may want to take it easy when it comes to shoveling snow. Imagine that you are one of these couch potatoes or perhaps you walk a bit, but you do not exercise on a regular basis which pushes your heart rate and muscles to a level that increases your overall health. Now suddenly you have a foot of snow on the driveway. You do not have a snow blower and you have not hired anyone to clear the snow for you.

Out you go to clear the snow with shovel in hand. The snow is deep and heavy due to the warm temperatures.  Even after 5 minutes you are puffing and sweating. Instead of stopping and catching a breather allowing your body to catch up to your exertions, you keep going only making it worse. Prime heart attack time! No warm up and you are not monitoring your heart rate.

Click snowblowers for many different snowblowers sold on Amazon, shipped to your home,

You begin to feel pressure in your chest and arm! Clear signs that your heart is under stress and may be getting ready for a heart attack! This is what happens to many people who are not in shape an in fact are grossly out of shape. next thing they know they are sprawled on the driveway clutching their chest and hoping someone will see them to get help!  Do not let this happen to you!

Snow Clearing  – Alternatives to Shoveling Snow

In a previous post we compared the economics of purchasing a snow blower vs. hiring someone to clear the snow for you. These are two definite alternatives that are much better than shoveling and in the case of hiring someone you do not need to do any work at all.

If you are at all concerned about your health, make a decision today regarding how you will clear you driveway of snow in the winter time. Now is actually the time to hire a snow removal company for next winter. They are starting to take contracts and will be happy to sign people up early. Also if you have one in mind that you does good work you will want to get a contract with them nailed down before everyone else does.

Using a snow blower is either really easy for people or difficult. Sounds silly to write that, but it is true. If you are the type that feels they have to man handle the blower, then you are going to work hard. Let the machine do the work for you. Use it’s power to change direction, to go back and forth and to blow the snow. If you are doing it right you should be able to navigate with the snow blower with one hand. Let it do all of the work placing little strain on your body.

Snow Clearing  – Your Health

Why even take the chance of having a heart attack of straining your back? If you suspect that you might be susceptible, then just spend the money to hire a snow clearing company. After all if you are not around, it really will not matter how much it cost.

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  1. I am really worried about my husband out clearing snow this winter. I would rather he used a snow blower or hired someone to clear the snow for us. Saving a few dollars is just not worth jeopardizing your health

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