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Snow Blower Repair

Snow Blower RepairThere never is any good time to get your snowblower repaired, but doing in the offseason is a lot better than waiting until the snow is blowing. In the summertime, most people are thinking about the beach. They are not thinking about repairing equipment. Yet this is the best time of the year to do all repairs simply because of the temperature. In addition, because mechanics are looking for work if they are not working on lawnmowers and other garden equipment. I personally have had made Snow Blower Repair in the cold of winter and it is not fun.

Snow Blower Repair

If for no other reason, you will have your snow blower in line for repairs before everyone else even thinks about it later in the fall.  As snow blowers age there all sorts of little problems that begin to manifest themselves. They need to repair work completed. It is not easy to take these machines to the mechanic. They are heavy and bulky. You really need a trailer or a truck to put them in to transport them from your home to the mechanic. If you can fix it yourself and do the maintenance you are ahead of the game.

Most people will take it to the neighborhood small engine mechanic. However, some will try their hand at doing their own repairs to save both money and time. Follow instructions regarding safety conditions covered in the manual.

I once had a chronic flat tire. This tire would hold air for about 3 days and then gradually go flat on me. I am not sure if it was a nail or just old age. it was a tubeless tire and I obviously needed to get it fixed. The snowblower was about 15 years old at the time. Of course, the rim was rusted onto the axle so there was no way it was going to come off. I really did not want to rent a trailer to load my snowblower on, in order to take it to the mechanic. I was pretty frustrated with this particular repair.

Well, I ended up going to the mechanic. I asked him what the easiest way was to get the tire off so that it could be repaired. Of course, the experts always know the easy ways. They can fix these problems in a moment. His answer was so simple and straightforward, that I could not believe my ears.

Install a Tube

The answer to this particular snow blower repair problem was to not take the rim or the tire off at all. Instead, all I needed to do was pop one side of the rubber tire off the rim, slide a new tube inside the tire, position it so that the valve was in the right place, and pop the edge of the tire back over the rim. Next, all I had to do was blow up the tub and I was back in business. Now, how easy is that? The tube cost me $4 and I had the tire fixed in about 15 minutes. this guy saved me a huge expense and frustration in terms of taking the entire machine into the shop and I also saved his labor expense on something I could easily do myself.

The moral of the story is to ask the experts first before you tackle a problem the hard way! Reward them with your business and referrals when they help you like this as well. After all they helped you out and saved you a lot of time and possibly money. Why not return the favor by referring your friends and acquaintances to them as well. Let us know your snowblower repair solutions by leaving a comment on our blog. Our readers will appreciate it.

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  1. I would rather do the maintenance on my snow blower in the fall myself, however this is a good reminder for me to put it on my to do list.

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