Snow Blowers

Snow Blower Limb Accidents

snow blower limb accidentsThere is a right way and a wrong way to clear snow from the snowblower chute. Many snow blower limb accidents occur every year because the operator sticks their hand down the chute to clear snow. This happens to experienced operators more than it should. There are two categories of accidents.

First, the operator does not turn the engine off. The auger and impeller are still turning in a two-stage blower. A foot or hand is inserted to remove clogged snow and they lose toes or fingers or worse once they clear the snow away and they get caught.

Snow Blower Limb Accidents

The second type of accident occurs even when the engine is turned off. The chute and auger area is clogged with wet snow. You turn off the engine and start clearing the wet snow away.

Unfortunately because of the clogged snow rotational force was built up. When the snow is removed, the auger can move several inches. The impeller can also rotate several inches as well. If your fingers are in the way, you are going to lose them!

Never insert feet or hands anywhere near the impeller or the augers. Always use a stick or some other tool. Better the stick gets broken and not your hands!

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