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Should Seniors Buy a Snow Blower

Should seniors buy a snow blower or should they hire a neighbor to clear the driveway of snow? They can also hire a commercial snow clearing company to remove the snow. Unless they are exceptionally fit, shoveling snow should be out of the question. There is just too much risk of a heart attack from over exertion. Many seniors may also not be comfortable operating as snow blower. Hiring someone to clear the snow will cost money. However it may be the safest approach in the long run. Better to be healthy than sorry.

Should Seniors Buy a Snow Blower

Our personal opinion is no. Do not purchase a snow blower unless you are comfortable with their operation. Hire someone to do the work instead.

There are lots of benefits, aside from the obvious:

  • Convenience
  • Avoid health issues
  • Avoid strained muscles
  • Stay inside in nasty cold weather
  • No maintenance required
  • Not storing gasoline at home
  • Avoid spending a large capital cost
  • No storage requirements

In addition to clearing snow from the driveway, have the steps also cleared as well. Make sure you understand when the snow will be cleared and how often. Some snow clearing companies will wait until the snow plows have plowed the road in front of your home. They will clear the snow dumped in your driveway by the plow as well as clear your driveway at the same time. They really do not want to come to your place more than they need to.

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