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No Contract Driveway Snow Clearing

no contract driveway snow clearingMany consumers have struggled with the decision to hire a snow removal company for the season or do it themselves. They worry about the cost and also health issues, particularly during heavy snow days when shoveling can be very strenuous. Now there is a third solution provided by TouchPlow, no contract driveway snow clearing. Modeled after the ride sharing service, Uber, TouchPlow allows consumers to order snow removal on demand. This is another example of how technology is delivering better service and more competition to the consumer.

No Contract Driveway Snow Clearing

When there is a light snowfall clear the snow from the driveway yourself. After a heavy snowfall use TouchPlow to order a contractor to come within a specified time frame. The breakeven cost is somewhere between 10 and 15 times. Cost for a double wide driveway large enough for 4 cars will cost between $30 and $45 depending on how quickly you need the service.

You can save on the cost by only ordering on heavy snowfall days and giving the contractor 24 hours to complete the job. Prices may vary based on demand and supply of contractors. Once you place your order, a snow removal contractor will bid on the job and make arrangements to clear the snow from your driveway.

No Contract Driveway Snow Clearing is a new solution which may have some growing pains. Download the app to your smartphone and sign up for the service to get started.

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