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John Deere snow Blower Oil Change

John Deere snow Blower Oil ChangeIt is pretty easy to complete a John Deere snow blower oil change. There are a few key steps you need to follow to ensure that the job is completed safely and properly. We will cover these in this post, but the main thing to do is to review your snow blowers manual. This will confirm the type of oil to use. How much oil to use and how often the oil should be changed. For most consumers, once a year is typical based on limited usage over the winter. We suggest doing the oil change in the fall so that you have fresh oil in the crankcase for the coming season. If you use the snow blower for commercial services, you should change the oil more often.

John Deere snow Blower Oil Change – Steps

The following steps can be followed for just about any snow blower, however always read the manual before you begin. Here we go:

  • Place the snow blower on a flat location
  • Run the engine for 10 minutes to warm up the oil
  • Shut the engine off and remove safety key so that it cannot restart
  • Place an oil pan under the engine and under the oil drain plug
  • Loosen the oil drain cap and allow the oil to drain completely
  • Once the oil is finished draining, replace the oil drain cap
  • Tighten the cap securely
  • Add new engine oil to the oil filler reservoir
  • Measure the oil to ensure that it is at the right level
  • Start the engine and let it run for a few minutes
  • Recheck the engine oil level and add oil if needed
  • Clean up the area and properly dispose of the used oil

It is pretty straightforward to complete the John Deere snow Blower Oil Change or any other snow blower oil change for that matter. Make sure you read the instructions in your manual before attempting the job.

You will also want to check the belts to make sure that they are set to the proper tension level and grease the auger assembly. Any other repairs that are needed should be completed at this time.


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