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John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE

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The John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE is one of the medium snow throwers available for consumer use and also for commercial use. Consumers John Deere snow thrower 1130SEshould be aware that the warranty is much shorter if you plan on using this snow thrower for commercial purposes.

With a 30 inch cleaning width and a powerful 15.5 foot pounds of torque, this John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE will more than meet the needs of most consumers with large driveways and  yards to clear of snow.  Combined with tool less snow drift cutters, you can cut your way through even the larges snow drifts.

This machine comes with many features that operators will enjoy. From the 110 V electric start to the 6 speed friction disk transmission, with free hand control for easy chute rotation, you can manage this heavy duty snow thrower with ease. There is also a recoil start if you need to start the snow thrower without the electric starter.

Click snowblowers for many different snowblowers sold on Amazon, shipped to your home,

This snow thrower comes with an aluminum super lo-tone muffler to reduce the noise of the snow blower and it also is CARB compliant to meet the latest emission controls.

John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower – Specifications:

  • 15.5 foot pounds torque, with a 4 cycle OHV Briggs and Stratton engine
  • 6 forward, 2 reverse friction disk drive system
  • 30 inch cleaning width
  • 4 quart fuel tank
  • 16 inch by 6.5 inch x-trac tires

Engine: 15.5 foot pounds torque, with a 4 cycle OHV Briggs and Stratton snow series max engine

Transmission: 6 forward, 2 reverse friction disk drive system

Warranty: 2 year consumer warranty, 90 day commercial warranty ( The John Deere promise is not available on this product)


  • Free hand control for easy chute rotation
  • Push button 110V electric start standard
  • Recoil start with large mitten grip
  • Easy Steer® drive system giving continuous power to both wheels and auto speed adjustment
  • Aluminized Super Lo-Tone muffler for reduced noise
  •         Cast iron gear case
  • Steel auger with serrated flighting
  • Deluxe console and handlebar design
  • Large chute opening for increased snow capacity
  • New dash mounted electric chute rotation with 200-degree turning radius
  • Remote chute deflector
  • Heavy duty embossed auger housing
  • Heated hand grips with two settings
  • Offset halogen headlight for better visibility
  • Drift cutters standard
  • Heat-treated, reversible skid shoes
  • Throttle control
  • Fresh Start® fuel cap standard
  • Includes tool box and clear out brush
  • This product is CARB compliant

Description of the John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE

The John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE sports a large chute for increased snow capacity, and operators can control the chute direction from the dash with a new dash electric control feature.

The hand grips are heated to provide additional comfort during those extra cold days and nights when you are out blowing snow. Cold hands are no fun, especially when you have a large yard to deal with .

There is an offest halogen light to provide extra visibility after the sun sets and it is too dark to clear snow. There are also reversible skid shoes to protect your driveway, a 4 quart fuel tank,  and a tool box with clear out brush.

This unit comes with a fresh start fuel cap which allows you to add fuel additives to keep the fuel fresh for maximum efficiency and operation.

The John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE was retailing for $1499 US at the time of writing.


Customers can arrange for in store pickup or delivery. Customers who pickup the snow thrower will need a small trailer to transport the snow blower. It must be rated to carry the weight of this machine. Delivery can be arranged for an additional cost depending on your proximity to the store you are making your purchase from.


Optional accessories were not listed on the web site, however most snow throwers come with the option to purchase snow cabs, chains and snow covers. Snow cabs provide protection to the operator from the wind and blowing snow during snow blowing operations. Usually they protect you on three sides and make it much more comfortable when blowing snow.

Snow covers provide protection to your snow thrower when you need to store it outside. They provide protection from UV rays and general protection from the elements which will help to ensure that your John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE lasts much longer.

Online Reviews: We did not observe any online reviews on the manufacturers web site. Feel free to leave comments here.

Safety & Operation

Operators are always encouraged to read the manual for the John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE prior to operating the machine for the first time. Become familiar with the operation of the snow blower and also the safety features and operation of the snow blower.

Prior to starting the John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE each day operators should perform a quick circle check to confirm everything is in working order and there are no loose parts. Check the engine oil and top up if needed. Also fill the fuel tank to avoid running out while blowing snow. Fill the fuel tank while the engine is cool to avoid any possibility of fire. If you do spill gasoline, wait until it has evaporated before starting the engine.

Always shut the engine off prior to performing any maintenance or clearing the auger of ice and snow.


The John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE maintenance schedule is outlined in the manual. Depending on how often the machine is used, you will have to change the oil perhaps as often as once a month, however in a light snow year you may need to change the oil only once per year. Always keep the engine oil fresh to prolong the life of the engine. Lubricate all recommended parts as per the schedule outlined in the manual.

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39 Responses to “John Deere Dual Stage Snow Thrower 1130SE”

  1. Suzette Mcguffey Says:

    I think your write up was actually a strong kick off to a potential series of articles about this snow blowers. A lot of bloggers pretend to understand what they’re talking about when it comes to this topic and in reality, nearly no one actually get it. You seem to really dominate it though, so I think you ought to start writing more. Thanks a lot! for writing about snow blowers

  2. Ernest Teeri Says:

    I own a JD 1130SE and like the snowthrower. It has handled the 33 plus inches of snow here in MN this Dec. My only complaint is that the halogen lamp burns out in about 2 seconds after being replaced. Dealer not able to help.

  3. iam having the same problem with my snow blower,I have the same one.

  4. Does anyone have a solution to this problem of the halogen light burning out? Have not seen this one before.

  5. Me too 2008 model 1130se i think its the voltage regulator?

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  7. Has anyone had an issue with the snowblower cutting out soon after starting snow blowing

  8. The snow blower keeps choking out numerous times during snow blowing….minimum snow……restarts (sometimes), runs and then does it again…changed oil, gas, etc. fairly new….only used approx. 5 times over last 2 years. Today, seemed to bogg out when the amount of gas was at approx. 3/4 of a tank….filled ran better, bogged out…sprayed carb cleaner, primed, etc. in order to keep running, needed to keep depressing primer to keep running?????? any thoughts????

  9. Sounds like you left old gas in your gas tank too long. You will need to clean the carb and filter and put new gas in the tank

  10. My husband said make sure you do not touch the light bulb use shop rag when removing from package and replacing.

    Also try replacing the gas cap we had the problem and bought a $6.00 vented cap and the problem went away.

  11. 1130SE..Drive slips after 15-20 minutes of operation. After that, it comes back intermittently. Had it into the shop twice. They said there’s nothing wrong with it. This machine only has an estimated 20-25 hours on it. Spec states that there is no adjustment for the drive belt. Belt looks ok but can’t tell if there is any stretch in it. Adjusted traction drive cable Friction disc’s look ok. Please, if you have any ideas let me know. Thank you…

  12. I had a similar problem on an older machine. One of the bushings was worn causing the shaft that supported the friction disc to be misaligned and not make proper contact. It is unlikely that yours is having the same problem. Check that the belt tightener is actually tightening enough. Also sounds like something is heating up, expanding and causing slippage, Look for anything that seems to be getting hot. Let us know what you find.

  13. Thanks very much for your comments. I found out that those machines have a history of slippage due to the exposure of the friction wheel to moisture and that a seal kit was produced to better isolate the area. Machines still under warranty could have it installed, if requested, free of charge. Those units out of warranty must unfortunately absorb the costs.

  14. I have had the same issue since day one on my 2009 1130SE! I have to repeatedly clean the metal disc. The dealer’s response was that too much grease was put into the bearing holding the rubber wheel. I see no evidence of this. They cleaned the metal disc. I keep cleaning it myself now. I think that the rubber used on the small wheel(should have been replaced by the dealer)which contacts the metal disc is not of the proper compound and consequently because of the heat generated from friction, gets soft and adheres to the metal disc. I think that I will replace it. I find that when the machine starts to slip I shift into the next speed which is of coarse puts the rubber wheel into another spot on the metal disc… works for awhile!

  15. Hard to find instructions:
    To replace the Auger Drive Belt on the John Deere Snowblowers (827E, 928E, 1028E, 1130SE, 1330SE, 1332PE)

    1. Lockout ignition so no accidental start (eg remove spark plug wire)
    2. Ensure gas tank is closed tightly and fuel is turned off.
    3. Raise unit into service position (onto face of auger) so you can remove the bottom plate. Bottom plate is held on with 4 bolts. It is not absolutely required to remove the plate, but it makes it easier to remove old and install new belt.
    4. Return unit to normal position
    5. Remove the plastic belt cover shroud (black plastic section between ejection Chute and the engine. This is held on with two bolts, one on each side
    6. Lock Auger Drive engagement handle into ON position (easily down by using a squeeze clamp to hold it in place or tape / wire / other)
    7. Partially separate the main body of the snowblower from the auger housing to allow room to remove / install the belt. There are six bolts securing the two halves. ONLY REMOVE the top two bolts on each side. Then JUST LOOSEN slightly the bottom two bolts. The back half of the snowblower will tilt backwards; the auger housing forwards. You only need to let it tilt a small amount to be able to easily slide the new belt in place.
    8. Once belt is around the lower large pulley, reattach the snowblower body securely with all six bolts before finalizing belt onto the small upper pulley.
    9. If you have not forgotten to lock the auger drive handle down, it will not be hard to rotate the new belt with some pressure onto the upper pulley. Check that the belt is oriented around the idle pulley in the same manner as the traction belt.
    10. The upper “belt guide” rod should be about 1/8” from the belt when the auger drive handle is down. Adjust position if needed by loosening mount bolt.
    11. The amount of Deflection the new belt should have is a little more than ½” with moderate pressure.
    12. Check the Auger drive cable length adjustment to confirm it is not too tight or has excess slack.
    13. Check Pulley alignment to ensure that the idler pulley is in alignment with the upper and lower pulleys. You may need to bend the pulley mount plate a very small amount in either direction to ensure alignment (there is not a direct adjustment) the plate can be pressured with two small lengths of wood (eg 1”x1” x 12”) when brace against the housing
    14. Reinstall the Belt cover
    15. Reinstall the bottom plate
    16. Turn on fuel and enable ignition

  16. Excellent comments about replacing auger drive belts on John Deere snow blowers.
    thankyou, we have added it as a main post as well.


  18. Most snow blower engines will call for 5 W 30 oil, however you should check with the dealer to confirm if there is nothing in the manual. You can also down load manuals from the manufacturers site in most cases if you do not have one.

  19. I also have one and it has been used very little. I have had trouble with a broken wire on the chute angle adjuster. I think I have that one fixed. My problem with these blowers is that since the handles come up straighter than older models of snowblowers in general, they do not tilt back as easy when backing up or moving it in 6th speed. I was wondering if this bothered other people and if there was any kind of solution for it.

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  21. john deere 1330SE
    The discharge chute only goes left. Will not turn right. Any suggestions.

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  23. Where can I purchase a new lamp housing for my 2009 john deere 1130SE. Local John Deere dealer has nothing on this machine

  24. Have you tried Amazon? Search for John Deere snowblower parts. You may find something there or at least find some contacts to try. Alternatively you may have to Mcgiver a solution using a later model light housing.

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  30. I live in Canada and can’t say anything bad about my Jd 1130 What a dream to own and use. Have had no problems at all and we get a lot of snow here.Sometimes over 3ft at a time I would not back down from a Honda Bring it on This is a great machine

  31. Snow Blowers

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  32. I wish I never bought this piece of garbage from the very beginning. I have been so disappointed with John Deere products I refuse to buy any of their equipment ever again. I had a lawnmower from them that was brand new. I couldn’t stand looking at so I gave it away. John Deere should be ashamed of themselves for building crap.

  33. 1130 se I have had probLems since day one won’t stay running ten feet shuts off.

  34. Folks, I can tell all of you I own nothing but JD equipment but like a lot of you I have had some very frustrating winters as of late in Pa. This fall after numerous revelations of possible causes to the start and the stop after 10 or so feet, I finally discovered at least on my JD 1130SE what the issue was. The fuel cap has a (ring) washer on it that allows air displacement when fuel is used to prevent an air lock in the fuel line. I can now say with certainty my JD 1230SE has never sound so strong. Hope this helps. This was truly a brain cramp for me to discover this little cheap component missing. Hu-RAAA

  35. Trying to stay away from the “stealership” as long as possible but I need to replace my friction disc soon. Where do you go to find a replacement or even parts#?

  36. Bought new, my 1130SE (2009) has and still starts on first and second pull. I think I used the plug in electric start twice. Once because of a sore arm and once to see if it still worked. Its gone through lots of snow as we get tons on east shore of Lake Ontario. The main problems have been keeping friction disc clean and gearing lubed, and the past two years the power chute rotation. The switch worked intermittently and tried to repair it. Finally replaced. Then realized that part of the problem was the chute rotation motor. Moisture would get in and freeze or was causing electrical problem. Trying to find motor now at price below the over $100 J.D. wants. Most of if not all manufacturers have dropped power chute rotation on residential walk behinds for a reason.

  37. Did you ever find a replacement motor for the chute drive motor? Mine is chowdered and finding parts/manuals on the John Deere site is near impossible.

  38. check amazon for john deere parts

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