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John Deere 827E Snowthrowers

John Deere currently has six snow throwers listed in their product line up, including one single stage, one compact, three dual stage and one professional level snow thrower. Depending on your needs, these John Deere Snowthrowers can handle everything from light snow on a walkway to major snow drifts on long driveways. We are reviewing the John Deere 827E Snowthrowers on this particular blog. Please add any comments about your John Deere Snowthrower in the comments section

John Deere 827E SnowthrowersAt $1099 US, this snow blower from John Deere can be bought online or in a dealer show room if you can find them. Customers should expect delivery in 3 to 7 days if ordered online. With a 27 inch cleaning width, this snow blower is ideal for most mid size driveways without being too big for storage. The 4 cycle Briggs & Stratton engine develops 11.5 foot pounds of torque , more than enough for all of the toughest snow conditions you can throw at it. We will summarize the features of this John Deere 827E Snowthrowers two stage in the next section. The warranty is 2 years for consumers and 90 days for commercial applications!

This snow thrower is not covered by the John Deere promise. The John Deere promise allows unhappy customers to return their purchase within 30 days to receive a full refund or exchange for another machine.

John Deere 827E Snowthrowers – Specifications

  • 27 inch cleaning width
  • Push button 110 V electric start
  • Recoil start for backup
  • 3 quart fuel tank
  • 13 inch  by  5 inch X-trac tires


4 Cycle Briggs & Stratton engine, 11.5 ft-lbs of torque


Friction disk drive with 6 forward and 2 reverse


The warranty is 2 years for consumers and 90 days for commercial applications!

John Deere 827E Snowthrowers Features:

  • Free hand control for easy chute rotation
  • Aluminized Lo-Tone muffler for reduced noise
  • Quick pull knob style wheel differential system
  • Aluminum gear case
  • Steel Auger with notched flighting
  • Remote chute rotation with 190 degree turning radius
  • Remote chute deflector
  • Offset halogen head light for better visibility
  • Heat treated reversible skid shoes
  • Includes tool box and clear out brush
  • This product is CARB compliant

Description of the John Deere 827E Snowthrowers

The 827E Dual stage John Deere Snowthrower is a dual stage snow blower, meaning that it has an auger to grind up the snow and bring it forward into the second stage impeller. It is the impeller that actually blows the snow out the chute away from your snow clearing area.

There are a number of features on the 827E Dual stage John Deere Snowthrower which make this snow blower easy to use. Features such as single hand control while you re-direct the snow chute, electric starter, headlight,  tool box and clear out brush are just a few of the features that make this snow blower a pleasure to use.


Delivery is usually 3 to seven days if ordered online. Consumers who purchase in store models, will need to negotiate delivery dates as well as delivery charges for the 827E Dual stage John Deere Snowthrower, however if you can pick up this snow blower chances are you will save on delivery costs as well as timing of the delivery.


There were no accessories listed, however some consumers may wish to have tire chains for their 827E Dual stage John Deere Snowthrower. These can be purchased from the dealer in most cases.

Online Reviews

We could not find any specific online reviews for this product.

Safety & Maintenance

Consumers should check for any product recalls on the John Deere web site on a regular basis.  Keep loose clothing away from moving parts and even better, tuck all scarf’s, shirts, coat sleeves etc away so there is no danger from clothing being caught in moving belts and augers.

Before operating the 827E Dual stage John Deere Snowthrower always perform an inspection and check that there are no loose or warn out parts. Also check for leaking fluids, check the oil level and ensure there is sufficient gasoline for the task at hand. Follow inspection guidelines listed in the manual and keep all safety devices in place.

Children should be kept away from operating 827E Dual stage John Deere Snowthrowers to avoid any possibility of injury. Never point the snow thrower chute in the direction of another person, house or car to avoid injury and damage.

If the auger or snow chute becomes jammed, always shut the engine off before attempting to remove debris, ice and snow. When doing any maintenance on the 827E Dual stage John Deere Snowthrower again shut the engine off before removing any guards or working on the snow blower to avoid injury from accidents.

Follow The Engine Oil Regularly

Follow standard recommendations for oil changes and lubrication as pointed out in the manual. At minimum change the oil once a year. Change it more often if heavy use of the snow blower becomes common place.

Consumers should always disconnect the battery ground cable to avoid accidental starting of the engine while maintenance work is underway.

After every use of the 827E Dual stage John Deere Snowthrower remove all snow and ice and store your snow blower in a clean dry location. Proper care of the 827E Dual stage John Deere Snowthrower will ensure many years of service.


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