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Honda Snow Blower HS1332TA

Honda Snow Blower HS1332TAThe Honda Snow Blower HS1332TA comes with an infinitely variable hydro static drive system. As a result, it can be controlled separately from the engine speed and auger speed. This is unique among snow blowers. The track drive system gives superior traction compared to regular wheel drives and the auger height can be adjusted for smooth down to the pavement snow clearing, to rough ground coverage, and for transport situations.

This machine provides 32-inch wide clearing in snow situations up to 20 inches of clearing height. The engine is an easy starting engine with recoil start capability. The engine automatically provides decompression for easier starting. It also comes with the standard work light for night-time operation in low light situations.  The warranty is 3 years for both residential and commercial operators.

Drive and engine speed controls can be managed with one hand while the operator controls the direction of the chute. Remote controls allow for 210 degrees of rotation and 70 degrees of elevation. The current MSRP price quoted $3189 for the cost of this particular snowblower.

Honda Snow Blower HS1332TA – Specifications:

  • Engine Honda GX390
  • Displacement 389cc
  • Starting System Recoil
  • Automatic decompression for easy starting
  • Fuel capacity 1.51 gal
  • Drive Mechanism Hydrostatic, Infinitely variable
  • Clutch type Hydrostatic
  • Track Track
  • Stages 2
  • Chute Turning Radius 210º
  • Chute elevation 70º
  • Clearing Width 32″
  • Three-position auger height for transport, rough and smooth ground situations
  • Clearing Height 20.1″
  • Discharge Distance 56 ft.
  • Tons per Hour (max) 65
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 57.7″ x 32.5″ x 44.3″
  • Dry Weight 265 lbs
  • Reversible two-position shoes
  • Easy to replace sheer bolts

Engine: This Honda snowblower engine is a GX390 with a displacement of 389cc

Transmission: The Honda Snow Blower HS1332TA comes with a hydrostatic, Infinitely variable drive train and a hydrostatic clutch

Warranty: This Honda Snow Blower model  HS1332TA has a 3-year residential warranty and a commercial warranty of  3 years


  • Self-propelled, infinitely variable hydrostatic drive
  • Track drive – best traction available
  • Adjustable auger for unbeatable snow clearing
  • Easy starting Honda OHV commercial-grade engine
  • 32″ clearing width, 20″ clearing height
  • Clears up to 65 tons per hour

Description of the Honda Snow Blower HS1332TA

While this Honda Snow Blower model  HS1332TA does not come with an electric starter, consumers can rely on this snow blower for many years of operation. Recoil starters may not be preferred by many, however, with the automatic decompression feature, this snow blowers engine should be easy to start. We think that consumers may want to consider a machine with an AC starter for backup situations when there is a situation that causes a difficult starting problem.

Other than that one issue, this machine clears a 32-inch swath which will deal with any area quickly and efficiently. Operators can adjust the ground speed using the variable hydrostatic drive to the speed for the situation they encounter without having to adjust the engine speed or the auger speed.  Operators can also manage the engage lever for the ground speed and the engine speed with one hand while adjusting the direction of the chute with the other. They can also adjust the ground speed with this freehand at the same time.

This snow blower from Honda weighs in at 265 pounds. Let the machine do the work for forwarding motion and steering. never try to manhandle one of these machines, they are too large and heavy. It can be really easy to steer the snowblower as long as you allow the Honda Snow Blower HS1332TA to do all of the work.

The current price and specifications are subject to change and can be adjusted by the manufacturer at any time. Check with your local dealer for the latest pricing and specifications.

For information about delivery methods for your snowblower,  accessories that you can purchase, safety rules to follow, proper operation and maintenance information, go to our page General Snow Blower Information, to read more about these topics.

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