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Fuel Stabilizer for Engines

Fuel Stabilizer for EnginesThis is the time to add fuel stabilizer for engines that are going to sit around awhile without being used. Since this is a site that discusses everything about snow blowers and this post is in mid-May, it is time to prepare your snow blowers engine for sitting idle for the next six months. If you have not done so already, add some fuel stabilizer for engines to the gas tank and run the engine for a few minutes to ensure that the gasoline with the fuel stabilizer is properly circulated through everything. We are not recommending any particular stabilizer, but we are recommending that you use some form of stabilizer to ensure that your engine components do not become clogged with the old gas that sits in your gasoline tank.

Fuel Stabilizer for Engines

If you are wondering why you should use a stabilizer, read on. Most mechanics will tell you that when gasoline sits around for longer than several months, it gets stale. Some of the chemicals will separate. They will form a gummy substance that clogs filters and the orifice in the carburetor. Your engine may not run at all or it may run very rough. Only a proper cleaning of all of these parts will bring it back to proper running condition. Spending a few dollars on fuel stabilizers for engines is much less expensive. It is also much less frustrating than having to take your engine in to be repaired.

Most auto parts stores, small engine stores along with big box stores like will sell these kinds of products. Follow the instructions carefully. Add the proper amount to either your gasoline tank on your snow blowers engine. Or into the portable gasoline tank that you fill at the gas station. In fact, if gas is going to sit in this portable tank for any length of time you are better to use up this gasoline rather than have it sit for a long period.

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