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Chains for Snow Blowers Craftsman

chains for snow blowers craftsmanTire chains for snow blowers craftsman or any make of snow blower will definitely help with traction control. The writer has personally used chains. From experience, I can tell you there is a time to use chains on a snowblower tire. There is also a time when you definitely do not want to use them. Anyone with a brand new paved driveway or a driveway with stone pavers should really think twice about using the tire chains on their snow blower. The problem is that these chains will slip on the surface. They will scratch your brand new driveway leaving permanent marks. Asphalt can be resealed in the summer to hide the scratch marks to some degree. But they are there permanently. On stone pavers, there is really not a lot you can do. Once the stones are scratched, the only way to get rid of the marks is to replace the stones. You might not even be able to replace them with the same shade. Now it will look worse than it did with the scratch marks on the stone. Just don’t use tire chains in these situations.

Chains for Snow Blowers Craftsman

If you have a steep driveway where traction is really important and you have to use chains, there is another approach you can try. On the way down the slope, the weight of the snowblower will help to carry it forward and you probably can cut a full swath on the way down the slope. On the way up you may have to settle for 1/3 or even less just to get up the slope without slipping.

It is true that it will take much longer to clear your driveway, but that is the price of not using chains. If this approach does not work they you may just have to use the chains and live with the scratch marks.

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