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Bolens Snow Thrower 2695

The Bolens Snow Thrower Model 2695 comes with a 208 cc PowerMore OHV engine that has been design to run quieter and cleaner than many other models in the past.Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 With a 24 inch clearing width and 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds the Bolens Snow Thrower  can handle most consumer requirements for clearing snow from driveways and walkways.

As a convenience a steerable drive turns the snow thrower left or right with the flick of a switch.  In addition the Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 comes with an electric start engine making starting an easy task on those cold winter months. The Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 even comes with heated handle grips to keep your hands warm in the coldest of weather. Other features of the Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 include 4 way chute control, poly side shoes to protect your driveway from marks, fingertip controls to provide power steering and a taller chute that gives you more control over were you blow the snow from your driveway and walkways.

Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 – Specifications

  • 208 CC PowerMore OHV winterized engine
  • 24 inch cleaning width
  • 6 forward and 2 revers speeds
  • 12 inch x-treme augers
  • 12 inch impeller
  • 21 inch intake height
  • 15 inch by 5 inch x-trac tires

Engine: 208 cc PowerMore OHV engine

Transmission: 6 forward and 2 reverse speeds

Warranty: 4 year limited warranty


  • Steerable wheel drive turns the snow thrower left or right with the click of a trigger
  • Electric start
  • 4 way chute control – up , down and side to side
  • Poly chute will not dent , rust or crack
  • Heated handle grips keep hands warm
  • Single hand controls locks in speed leaving one hand free to operate the chute
  • In dash yard light
  • Poly side shoes help to prevent driveway marks and scratches
  • Tool less drift cutters
  • Space saving folding handles for easy storage
  • Extra shear bolts included
  • Oil pre-filled engine on delivery

Description of the Bolens Snow Thrower 2695

The Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 comes with many features and depending on were you live some will be more interesting than others. As a long time user of snow blowers, having heated handles for those minus 20 degree temperatures would be extremely useful.  The Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 is a standard two stage snow thrower with a few bells and whistles thrown in that make it stand out.

Electric start makes the Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 very easy to use. No more yanking on the starter chord. Steerable controls with the click of a trigger avoids any of the struggling you might have done in the past to steer your snow thrower. Poly side shoes, tool less drift cutters, folding handles, yard light and of course those heated handles are just a few of the features that make the Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 stand out from the competition.

Delivery: The Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 can be purchased across Canada at Lowes hardware stores.

Accessories: Consumers can purchase optional accessories for the Bolens Snow Thrower 2695. The snow cab is constructed from heavy duty vinyl as well as freeze and rip resistant material. The snow cab can be added in minutes and protects the operator from wind and blowing snow. If you need to leave your Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 outside, then protect your investment by purchasing the optional snow cover.  The snow cover is UV treated, rot and mildew resistant, triple edge binding, fits most two stage snow throwers up to 33 inches. Protect your investment from the elements.

Safety & Operation

Safety while operating the Bolens Snow Thrower 2695 is very important to avoid accidents to yourself, those around you and objects such as homes and cars that are nearby. First of all, always read the manual and understand all of the safety conditions that the manual covers.

There are a few important safety rules that everyone should follow to avoid accidents. First of all never point the chute in the direction of another person , home or car while operating the Bolens Snow Thrower. Sharp bits of ice and snow can be thrown from the snow blower at high velocity. These objects can cause a lot of damage when they strike a person, home or car. You don’t want to hurt anyone and you do not want to have to pay for damages caused to cars and homes.

The second major safety item is to always shut the Snow Thrower off before trying to do any maintenance on the machine or clearing snow and ice from the auger or impeller area. Also avoid wearing loose clothing such as scarves near the Snow Thrower . The can quickly get caught in moving parts causing severe discomfort.

When you are finished using the Bolens Snow Thrower for the day , clean off all off the snow and ice from the housing and from inside the auger and impeller area. Make sure the machine is off before doing this. Clean off the machine after every use will help to preserve the housing of the Bolens Snow Thrower.

Before starting the Bolens Snow Thrower each time, always check the engine oil and the fuel levels. Top up as appropriate. Checking the oil level in particular will avoid any chance of low oil in the engine causing engine damage.


Maintenance of the Bolens Snow Thrower is pretty straight forward. Follow the steps outlined in the manual. The engine oil should be changed often if you are a heavy user of the Bolens Snow Thrower. Otherwise change the oil in the engine at least once per year. Also add grease to all grease points as instructed in the manual. Changing the oil is pretty straight forward and consumers are reminded to dispose of the oil properly. Take old oil into proper disposal areas.


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