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Best Snowblowers for Roof

Best Snowblowers for RoofThe snow rake pictured on the left is by far the best solution for roof situations where there is lots of snow to get rid of. There is no such thing as the best snowblowers for roof snow removal. It comes with 3, 8-foot sections that hook together giving you a 24-foot reach. This is more than enough to get at the snow on your roof without having to actually get on your roof. Consumers using the snow rake stand on the ground and pull the heavy snow off their roof onto the ground. It is much safer than getting up onto a slippery roof. There is almost zero chance of damaging the roof shingles as well. Consumers need to understand that their shingles can become brittle in cold and crack if stepped on. Anytime a shingle cracks, it is a potential leak into your home which can cause a great deal more damage.

Best Snowblowers for Roof

Some consumers will use an electric-powered snow shovel while on their roof. They are handy for light powdery snow conditions. However, for heavy snow and ice crystals, a shovel is probably the best tool to use. Be careful to avoid damaging your shingles with the shovel and causing potential future leaks into your home.

Unless you have the proper equipment i.e. boots that don’t slip and a roof that is not too sleep, we really recommend that you do not get onto the roof. The possibility of losing your grip and sliding off the roof is high. Depending on the height and also what you land on, you really could hurt yourself badly.

If the 24-foot pole is not long enough to reach all of your roofs consider adding additional 8-foot lengths to increase the reach. The pole is a bit difficult and unwieldy to handle. But once on the roof, all you need to do is pull the snow towards the edge without allowing the rake to go over the edge.

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